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Over the next twelve months, it will be critical to transform interior spaces into seamless experiences to enhance user satisfaction. Homeowners tend to use their bathrooms at least twice a day, and studies have shown that on average, women spend 29 minutes per day in the bathroom. Therefore, it’s essential to create an atmosphere that feels like a spa at home.

Make your bathroom a retreat, a place to relax, and, above all, a smart, luxurious retreat for yourself with Batheory’s biophilic approach to bathroom designing.

Furthermore, biophilia is not going anywhere – the practice of integrating and incorporating nature as a focal point. In recent years, a growing trend has emerged to connect nature to a rich, sensory experience. 

Using forms and materials that mimic those found in nature, a biophilic bathroom design reduces stress and improves creativity.  

You can create an indulgent showering experience in your own home with one of the many luxurious shower heads and shower nozzles available. Walk-in showers replace bulkier units and waterfall shower heads make water and wellness more accessible. 

Biophilia will dominate next year’s trends. Incorporating intricate murals and fusing vintage and modernity, people will create spa-like sanctuaries with stylish installations inspired by bathroom pictures like the one above.