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Here are Five Ways to Design a Perfect Minimalistic bathroom:

Utilising neutral tones

In no way does minimalism mean bland or stale. You can incorporate white, light grey, and ivory colours into the shower walls, floors, and paint. You can use a bath rug or shower curtain to accent a primary colour when choosing a monochromatic wall and floor.

Use a touch of texture for building character

Your bathroom doesn’t have to look dull just because it’s white or ivory. With textured wallpaper in a neutral colour, you can add a pattern to one wall. In addition to creating just the right amount of contrast, it isn’t overwhelming. A shiplap is also an option to create the same effect on a single wall. You don’t have to add colour to build patterns and textures.

Use tiles for the minimalistic bathroom of your dreams

Minimalist bathrooms look gorgeous with subway tile. It’s clean and simple and can be used inside the shower and as a sink backsplash. You can play with the grout colour if you want bold pop (consider black), but either way, it offers the most ideal backdrop for a minimalist design.

Utilise wood to bring in nature

Dark wood floating shelves or over-the-toilet shelving are perfect places to place everyday items in the bathroom, especially if you bring in natural elements. It will also look stylish against the neutral background since shelving is functional – a hallmark of the minimalist movement. Keeping only the things you use on a daily basis is the goal.

Use fixtures wisely

Adding the right set of fixtures to the bathroom can give it more character without overpowering it. The shower, sink, and bathtub of a white bathroom look gorgeous with muted gold, brass, and oil-rubbed bronze finishes. If you’re looking for a contemporary look in your bathroom, get a little more dramatic here.

Do you need help to create an elegant minimalistic bathroom? The answer is ’Minima’, Batheory’s luxury minimalistic brand that aims to release an emotional design that does not dominate one’s personality. Batheory seeks to inspire individuals, architects and design enthusiasts by providing the best bathroom design. 

Bathroom design is a long-term investment into your home, so choosing the right design and fixtures are very important decisions to make. All of our luxury bathroom ideas from ‘Minima’ are designed with inspiration from modern minimalistic architecture where clean, elegant lines dictate simply styled bathrooms.

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